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How to use

1. Pour and mix!

Pour Mixer Crocc over the croquettes and mix , so that the meat, fish and vegetables blend evenly with the croquettes and all the sauce is absorbed.

2. Daily doses

It is a complementary food designed to be administered in association with complete foods such as croquettes . See the daily dose table for more information.

Find out how our nutritionist can help you
for feeding your dog!

Quality meat and fish!

Lots of humidity!

Aroma of real food!

Find out how our nutritionist can help you
for feeding your dog!

Monoproteic and grain free

All Mixer Crocc foods are made with a single animal protein source and without grains!

+ Taste

Often our dogs smell the croquettes and do not eat them …
With Mixer Crocc you increase the taste of croquettes in a healthy way! The aroma of the real ingredients is unmistakable and the taste of real meat will give a sprint to its crunchies!

+ Proteins

Using Mixer Crocc, animal proteins of high nutritional value are added, thus reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates (abundant in kibble), which must not exceed the dog’s diet.

+ Humidity

Dry foods have less than 10% liquid, while Mixer Crocc has 60% vegetable sauce. This gives the dog the fluids it needs .

+ Freshness

By adding top quality meat or fish and fresh vegetables, the product is healthier and more genuine , as well as rich in precious vitamins and lipids.

+ Easy to digest

Mixing dry and wet foods moistens the kibble , which will be digested more easily. In addition, dry and wet foods, when ingested together, will lengthen the digestive phase, allowing the dog’s intestines to better assimilate all the nutrients .

Questions & Answers (FAQ)

There are no scientific studies to support this theory. A meal of “mix feeding“, i.e., made by mixing dry and moist foods, is composed of items with different moisture contents that however mix inside the stomach, generating an unambiguous response toward the resulting mix that will constitute the substrate to be digested.

Therefore, a healthy and functioning stomach guarantees an adequate production of gastric juices suitable for the management of the food as a whole. The passage to the intestine will then take care of assimilating and benefiting from the nutrients of the diet consisting of both foods.

Furthermore, PEPSIN and GASTRIC LIPASE act in the dog’s stomach which are important digestive enzymes, responsible for the correct digestion of protein foods and more, and which are both activated by low levels of gastric pH, resulting from the release of hydrochloric acid in variable concentrations. . Factors that influence this secretion are: the protein content of the diet, the volume of the meal and hormonal fluctuations. In this way, correct digestion and subsequent assimilation of all nutrients is guaranteed, regardless of the moisture content of the starting food.

The gastric pH of a healthy dog assumes values ranging between 1 and 2.

Compared to that of man, which oscillates between 4 and 5, it is a much more acidic environment and suitable for digesting diets mainly composed of ingredients of animal origin.

The pH of the dog’s stomach is perfectly capable of digesting both wet foods (H2O content 60-80%) and dry foods (H2O content 7-10%) and from these correctly assimilate all the nutrients, regardless of the moisture content of the food of origin.

The so-called ” mix feeding ” diet, correctly balanced, is able to provide the dog with the benefits of a complete diet such as dry and wet ones .

Dry food, in fact, is: complete, very practical and convenient. However, it has numerous limitations: the raw materials are subjected to violent cooking processes, at high temperatures, which compromise their nutrients , often the croquettes are rich in cereals and, therefore, involve an excessive intake of carbohydrates and have low levels of humidity. .

Wet feeding, if quality, corrects these limits. Indeed:

  • It is rich in the noblest proteins
  • Raw materials are treated in a non-violent way
  • It has a lot of moisture, which is necessary to hydrate the dog
  • It is more palatable

Wet food brings a greater percentage of liquids with food : water is the element that is reabsorbed in the last section of the colon, determining the compactness of the stool.

A competent intestine respects the timing and motility of food and therefore is able to manage all nutrients, including water.

It is always important to choose foods with formulas suitable for the individual subject to avoid secondary gastrointestinal problems.

They are chains of amino acids that are used for numerous organic functions , including: the correct growth and development in puppies, a healthy construction and good maintenance of muscle mass, they are essential molecules for biochemical mechanisms in different systems and allow an appropriate production of cells of the blood. Last but not least, proteins bring flavor and taste to food.

Of course, the food source from which proteins come affects their quantity and quality . Those to which a high biological value is attributed, that is the ability to satisfy the greatest number of nutritional needs in terms of amino acids and micronutrients, such as: meat and fish , and eggs, are preferred.

the dog is a carnivorous animal (adapted omnivore) therefore it is necessary that its diet is composed of AT LEAST 18% of proteins. The need for these nutrients is highly personalized and determined by various factors, respectively linked to the subject to be fed and to the food to be administered.

The proteins are initially partially demolished in the stomach , thanks to the presence of hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen, one of the enzymes responsible for the management of proteins, which is activated more easily when the dog ingests collagen (component of protein sources of animal origin).
This step prepares the food for subsequent digestion that will take place in the intestine: in the small intestine, the intervention of further enzymes (of pancreatic origin and from the intestinal mucosa itself) supports the absorption of small molecules of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and in the large intestine the bacterial activity of the microbiota ferments the residues and promotes the absorption of water and electrolytes.
The digestive process always results in the generation of molecules responsible for providing ENERGY, synthesis of tissues and cell turnover, metabolic processes, growth and, last but not least, “work” or production (eg. Sporting dog, lactating dog ..)

Croquettes + Crocc Mixer
The perfect synergy for excellent nutrition

Dry food

They are COMPLETE foods: dry foods with a correct formula are able to supply all the necessary nutrients in controlled and balanced quantities.

They are PRACTICAL: the technology with which they are produced and the conservation methods adopted in production allow the product to be administered in a few minutes without risking to compromise the quality during storage in the pantry.


  1. The production technology requires the use of high percentages of carbohydrates and glucose sources
  2. Animal protein sources must undergo 2 extremely “stressful” manufacturing processes: the rendering process to dehydrate them and put them in the form of flour, and the cooking process (extrusion) of the croquette
  3. To become complete foods they need a supplement of vitamins and minerals
  4. To preserve it, preservatives and antioxidants , mainly artificial , are essential to guarantee a correct shelf life
  5. For some dogs they can be unappetizing

Crocc mixer

Provides high nutritional value proteins that:

  • They come from fine cuts of fresh meat and fish
  • They have undergone a normal cooking process

It is low in carbohydrates!

It is made from fresh ingredients!

Brings moisture and therefore extra hydration !

Preservative free!

In summary, Mixer Crocc brings to kibble…
what kibbledoesn’t have!

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