Life Pet care was born from the desire of a group of animal lovers, who have long been involved in the world of pet food, to offer their dogs and cats the best possible nutrition.
LifeDog and LifeCat foods are:

  • exclusively natural products
  • made with selected and first choice raw materials
  • without the addition of chemical additives

This allows us to provide nutrition with a high biological value and appropriate to the natural needs of dogs and cats.


A company is made up of people, and in our case of people and animals. All of us at Life have cats and dogs, it is they who inspire our ideas and push us to the constant search for the best natural quality.

But the Life world is mainly made up of its own consumers and their animals. The Friends of Life Club has been active for years, a group of people to which all lovers of dogs and cats can join. Every day we receive comments on our products and lots of advice on how to improve ourselves. And it is our goal to provide serious and transparent information about our work.


Life’s headquarters is nestled in the green Tuscan hills, from our windows we see every day that nature in which we live with our animals and which we protect in our production processes.

  • Cruelty free : none of our products are obtained through animal testing
  • Hormon free: the meats we use are raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics

  • 100% sea water fish: the fish are caught in the open sea and are not farmed
  • Safe water fish: we only use fish caught with sustainable fishing techniques for our products.