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Dogs and cats have become an integral part of our lives, offering companionship, affection and cheerfulness. But what are the origins of these two species and how have they developed their eating habits over the centuries? Although there is often a tendency to downplay these differences, they are actually animals with specific nutritional needs,

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FAKE NEWS: Can dogs and cats eat the same foods?

NO, DOG AND CAT KIBBLE ARE NOT THE SAME.... From the dietary point of view, the dog could be considered a "non-obligate carnivore," while the cat is an "obligate carnivore," but you all know that. Now I'm going to tell you some things that probably not everyone knows. WHAT ARE THE PHYSIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES

2024-01-04T16:35:10+01:00January 4th, 2024|

FAKE NEWS: I don’t have to mix dry and wet–but is it true?

BUT IS MIXING DRY AND WET BAD FOR DOGS AND CATS? I often get dog and cat owners at the clinic who tell me, "Doctor I can't mix kibble with wet food because it's bad for my pet's digestion" ... Before answering this question, let's shed some light on pet food technology and

2024-01-04T16:37:53+01:00December 21st, 2023|

FAKE NEWS: Is changing protein bad for my pet?

NO, CHANGING PROTEIN IS NOT BAD FOR THE DOG'S DIGESTION!!! You also often hear this among the many hoaxes circulating, "You must give only one kind of food to your pet!" Our animals ancestrally come from wild species that eat what they find or hunt. They are therefore accustomed in nature to a

2024-01-04T16:37:55+01:00December 21st, 2023|

FAKE NEWS: Is too much protein bad for my cat’s kidneys?

NO, TOO MUCH MEAT IS NOT BAD FOR THE CAT'S KIDNEYS!!! Many owners are still terrified of the "protein overload" their cat would go to by eating too much meat or fish. But this is a nonsense, as we are talking about a strict carnivore. THE CAT IS A CARNIVORE-AND IT SHOWS. The

2024-01-04T16:33:36+01:00December 21st, 2023|

FAKE NEWS: Better to give only kibble to the cat?

NO!!! GIVING ONLY KIBBLE TO THE CAT IS NOT THE BEST CHOICE Going around online, I have often read, "a cat should only eat kibble because it is complete" ... Well, let's say that feeding a cat exclusively dry food is not the ideal choice for several reasons. While having many advantages, including

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FAKE NEWS: does single-protein really prevent dog and cat allergies?

SINGLE-PROTEIN FOODS ARE NO LONGER DIGESTIBLE AND DO NOT PREVENT INTOLERANCES The term single-protein is used, sometimes improperly, to mean a feed that contains only one protein source, thus deemed safe for suspected allergic reactions.... But let's have clarity! WHAT IS MEANT BY SINGLE-PROTEIN The MONOPROTEIC claim is approved when we want to

2024-02-13T08:51:36+01:00December 21st, 2023|

FAKE NEWS: does chicken meat really cause allergies?

NO, CHICKEN DOES NOT CAUSE ALLERGIES TO CATS AND DOGS! Chicken meat is a widely used meat in our pet foods because of its easy availability in the market. In fact, many foods if they do not contain only chicken, however often have a percentage of it. Food intolerances and allergies in our

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FAKE NEWS: should complementaries be given as snacks?

A COMPLEMENTARY FOOD IS NOT A SNACK-IT IS FOOD! You've surely happened to choose a wet food from the shelves of a pet store or within an online store and not know how to decide among the multitude of varieties, tastes and textures--and wording! Yes, because among the types of wet foods available

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