New Life Cat 85gr cans. 20% more product, 100% natural

In the new Life Cat cans , we have decided to add 20% more product , going from 70gr to
85gr, maintaining a special price and the highest natural quality.
In fact, the whole range, made up of 29 flavors, fully respects the principles of the Life natural recipe:

  • HIGH PERCENTAGES OF MEAT AND FISH: Even in the new 85gr cans, you can find meat and fish
    in large quantities, up to 75%.
  • REAL MEAT AND REAL FISH: Again, we do not use meat derivatives, but i
    best cuts , including: chicken breast, tuna steaks or salmon fillets
  • NO ADDITIVES AND CHEMICAL INTEGRATIONS : the quality of the raw material we use allows us
    to offer the animal maximum taste, without retouching
  • SIMPLE PREPARATIONS : Life Cat 85gr cans are steamed and stored
    in cooking water. These techniques allow us to intervene as little as possible on the food.

If you want to discover the flavors, consult the range!