Since 2020 our daily life has undergone important changes and consequently also that of our pets.

If before the difficulty was to leave our furry dog alone at home for many hours, today, on the contrary, for millions of people who find themselves managing a new home routine dictated by smart working, the problem becomes precisely that of to reconcile work at home, with the presence of our four-legged friend in the house.

In fact, animals certainly cannot understand that we stay at home to work, and therefore think they have their human available for the whole day, sometimes taking over. But, even if it can be nice to see our cat walking by or our dog’s face appearing in front of the video during a meeting, we must to set precise rules for our furry dogs to be able to work efficiently and serenely .

And it is always up to us, at the same time, to be able to make the most of this very particular period to benefit from the presence of our puppy , to allow him to help us live better and in a more peaceful and relaxed way, and to make the new daily life live in a positive way too. to him.

Of course it is not easy to reconcile everything. Anyone who has a pet at home knows this well. We believe that the best solution is that of get organized in the right mix of rules and flexibility. Let’s see together how …


Meanwhile, the first difference we can find is whether our new work colleague is a cat or a dog, since they are animals with very different needs and behaviors.

Although, surely, what will affect even more is the unique and singular character of each animal.

Normally, however, we can say with certainty that cats are used to snooping when they see us very busy with something: whether it is reading, studying, or writing on the computer. And it almost seems that they enjoy teasing us, lying with absolute nonchalance on the book in which we are immersed, or on the PC keyboard that we have been staring at for hours … And in these cases, after having gratified the cat with a little pampering, it will be ours. ‘commitment and the effort to make the furry friend understand that, like him, you too need your space.

Despite this, however, cats tend to be much more independent animals than dogs, lovers of solitude and their own routine. And so, somehow, the management of the days will perhaps be a little easier for those who live with a cat.

Our commitment, with a feline at home, must indeed be to leave our cat their own spaces, their times and respect their need for solitude and relaxation.

If , on the other hand , our four-legged best friend is a dog, the speech changes a little, because by their nature dogs are social pack animals, who love company , especially that of their owner, whom they identify as pack leader.

If you have a dog at home, it will therefore be a little more challenging to organize the routine. But not impossible, following a few simple precautions:


The most important thing to do is to divide the spaces into cases and immediately choose a place dedicated and reserved exclusively for your work, where your furry friend will not be allowed to enter. This is the best way to avoid constant distractions, and at the same time avoid hearing barking or whining during an important call.

At the same time he will have to have a large part of the house available, preferably an environment where he is already used to being, where he can spend his time alone but in complete tranquility, without being tempted to ask for pampering or attention. In this way he will feel free to carry out all his activities (eating, sleeping, playing) almost as if you were not at home.


For both our health and that of our animal, it is important to plan breaks to mark the whole day .

In this way we will be able to refresh the mind to get back to work with new energy, and release the stress accumulated during working hours. At the same time, our animal will not feel abandoned, but rather pampered and cared for.

Among the activities to do during the breaks, certainly the best thing to do is a nice walk : to reactivate the body and soul as well as the mind.

Then surely the snack breaks are always very appreciated by everyone, especially by your trusty if you offer them some tasty and healthy Life snacks .

Or you could simply spend a few minutes relaxing and pampering yourself!

If you want more ideas on how to spend time indoors with your dog or cat during the red days, read here .


Just as you are engaged in your work, it is right to offer your pet the right stimuli and pastimes to spend his day in the best possible way .

This is especially important if you live in a small house, where it is not possible for everyone to carve out their own spaces. Here is that gods new games to keep your pet busy during an important meeting or phone call will be your trump card, and your pet will feel calmer too.

In addition to the various games suitable for your dog, which can keep him busy both physically and mentally, even a nice snack to nibble for a while can certainly be a valid pastime.. In this way, Fido will be able to spend time in autonomy, in complete tranquility, more easily and for much longer.

However, one rule always applies: when you have a lot of work, it’s up to you to try not to give in to the constant reminders of your dog, although it can be very difficult. In this way the animal, if it sees that it does not get consideration, will slowly turn its attention elsewhere, and will understand what are the moments in which to disturb, and which ones will be better to devote to their favorite game or take a nap.

When it’s time to go back to the office , it may be helpful to understand how to recognize and resolve dog separation anxiety instead .