Do you also happen to find someone waiting for you or who can’t wait to snuggle up next to you when it’s time to go to bed?

Yes, cats love to rest and sleep next to us in bed, but have you ever wondered why they do it and what are the regions that lead them to doze off next to us?

We decided to delve into the topics and highlighted the 5 main reasons behind this cat behavior.

1 – Comfort
Pats are very active and playful, but they undoubtedly love to snuggle up in warm, comfortable places. They are experts at finding all the softest corners of the house, and certainly the bed we sleep in is and will be one of his favorites for comfort and warmth.

2 – A safe place
All cats are very attentive to the environment around them, always alert and alert, but sometimes they look for a place to feel safe and be able to indulge in a deep sleep. This behavior occurs mainly when our little friend feels relaxed and protected by our presence.

3 – Protective instinct
Sometimes it happens that the situation of the previous point, however, is reversed, and in these cases it will be our cat to rest near us, moved by the instinct to protect us. This happens both when the puppy feels the need to defend ourselves from something and when he perceives a negative mood and feelings such as stress and sadness. In these cases the cat comes to us demonstrating its strong bond and transmitting love and relaxation even by purring.

4 – The search for heat
Cats are great lovers of warm places and in winter your bed will surely be the warmest place to hide and where your little friend will want to rest and warm up.

5 – Love and shared space
Being our very territorial animal friends, it is not wrong to perceive bed sharing as an act of love on the part of our cat, who loves us so much that we let us sleep with him.

Felines sleep in company when they are small and are still with their mother and siblings in the litter, which is why crouching next to us and sleeping is the symptom of maximum affection and love. For our part, we can guarantee them a peaceful and restful sleep and make them feel safe.